5 Gifts for Moms

Take care of Mom this holiday season; she's earned it.

If these options strike you as too expensive, or if you're looking for something a kid can give to a mom, you'll notice that all of these gifts can also be made or provided by family members.

1. Spa Gift Certificate — Okay, this one’s kind of a no-brainer, but there’s a reason we always get moms pampering gifts. It’s stressful taking care of everyone else all the time! I like and for massages, and lots of moms I know rave about for facials, but there are a ton of great & in town where Mom can de-stress. DIY version — Even little kids can brush hair or give a hand or foot massage. Older kids can give manicures, and everybody can just give Mom 20 minutes of peace and quiet. Write up a coupon for pampering that Mom can cash in at her leisure.

2. Jewelry — This one’s not much of a stretch either, I’ll grant you. But some in Milford, and you have a lot of different options. Whether it’s a practical watch, something sentimental like a charm bracelet or something more sparkly, there’s something to suit any style, and these local experts can steer you in the right direction. DIY version — Every mom has a macaroni necklace in her collection, and older kids can buy good quality jewelry-making supplies at .

3. Memory Book — Make Mom a photo album or scrapbook. If you utterly lack crafting ability like I do, check out this “Mom Simply Said” book by Creative Memories. I’ll let local consultant Amy Croteau tell you why: “They can be completed by grown children or little children and it is the best gift you could give to share a little joy with your mom. You just fill in the blanks, pop a couple of photos into the book, and it is done! You can make it funny or sentimental- whatever is your style. “Check out the Creative Memories website for other, more ambitious scrapbooking ideas, or for supplies for a crafty mom. You don't even have to wait for shipping for most things. You can contact Amy through her site and she'll sort you out. DIY version — Write Mom a letter telling her how much you appreciate her. Little ones can draw special pictures or dictate their thoughts to more literate family members.

4. Limo — Mom loves you all, but she really needs a night out every once in a while. Consider renting her a limo so she can hit the town in style.   and will take care of the driving (and the parking!) so Mom can have a safe and stress-free night. DIY version — Anyone in the family that has a license can be chauffeur for the night. Just clean out the car, and let Mom pick the radio station for once.

5. A Clean House — You’ve probably heard that Mom’s not your maid, right? We have a services listed here on Milford Patch; call one up and make an appointment for an actual maid to come to the house. And pick up your socks while you’re at it! DIY version — Do I have to spell this one out for you?


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