Water, Water Everywhere

Concerns about Milford drinking water were the talk of the town this week, including on Facebook.

As you probably know, we at Milford Patch love to use social media to complement our work and activity on this page. We have vibrant Twitter and Facebook pages; they're two tools that help us interact with and engage you, our readers.

Social Media Saturday is a weekly feature where Milford Patch will highlight some of what people shared on Facebook and other media in the past week.

We'll also point you to some new and interesting pages you may not have known about before.

Highlights of the Week

Milford Patch has 1,301 fans on Facebook. We also have 305 followers on Twitter. If you're a Milford resident with a Twitter account, look us up; we're @MilfordMAPatch.

Here are some highlights of what took place this week:

  • A story to introduce bottled water for students, via watercoolers, was among the most recommended of the week on Facebook, getting 26 "thumbs up," and sparked conversation on the Milford Patch home page. Here is an excerpt from one comment: "Why should we be expected to pay our water bills in full when we are being furnished with water that is contaminated and does not meet the minimum standards considered safe for drinking, bathing and cooking?"
  • We've introduced a new feature at Patch: informal, unofficial polls that can be attached to articles. After adding one to a post on the , I posed the same question to our Facebook fans: "Do you think the town should look into purchasing the private Milford Water Company?" The responses were interesting, and here's a sample: "At the very least," wrote one fan, before adding, "this is not just Milford, this is a growing problem everywhere. We as individuals also need to take responsibility. We need to stop using all these toxic chemicals."
  • A few of our posts were clicked on more than others this week. By far, the most-viewed article of the past week came on Sunday afternoon, the .

Social Media Page of the Week

We'd like to give some recognition this week to the Facebook page of Milford High School Booster's Club. This dedicated group of volunteers is trying to improve programs for athletes in local schools. Its page includes frequent updates on the team schedules, links to media articles (including Patch), and notices of upcoming events. In case you didn't know, the club is hosting a at the , and tickets are still available.

Your Town on Facebook

For more Facebook pages Milford residents might find interesting, check out our list of "liked" pages on Milford Patch Facebook. And don’t forget to follow us at www.facebook.com/MilfordPatch.


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