Top 5 Stories on Milford Patch

These posts were among the most popular of the week.

This past week, these were some of the most popular stories on Milford Patch:

1. Illegal Immigration Protest: Two stories that focused on the visit by Ecuadorian officials to Milford, and a protest outside were among the week's most popular. The Wednesday night was shared by 183 people on Facebook. The of protesters, standing outside in the rain, then inside Town Hall, also was popular.

2. Bikers' Rally. A good cause drew more than 200 motorcyclists to Sunday: for the My One Wish Foundation. The ride to Mt. Wachusett and back raised funds for the Milford-based foundation. An image gallery of the bikers and their bikes was among the most popular posts this week.

3. Police Logs. As most readers of Milford Patch know, is always a favorite. This week, the log that attracted the most attention was published on Sunday. The weekend edition of the dispatch log included several arrests, and a report that vandals had smeared a car with chocolate sauce.

4. Sept. 11 Memorial. Often, the most popular posts are about people. A column and photos published Thursday by Milford Patch contributor about her to bring a Sept. 11 Memorial to Mendon, was one of the most popular on Facebook this week, getting 27 "likes" on its publication day.

5. Milford High School Athletics. People seemed happy to see sports stories back on our pages this week, a sure sign that fall has (almost) arrived. The most popular sports story this week, by , included an interview with the and players.


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