'No Shortage of Drunks on Main Street'

Blatant editorializing was acceptable in early 20th century newspaper reporting, as evidenced in this article from February 1906.

The following article, originally printed in the Milford Daily News on Feb. 12, 1906, is an amusing recap of a court appearance by a "quintet of drunks." 

The story is copied here from files.

Quintet of Drunks Got Court Medicine Today

Five individuals, accused by the officers with having too freely sipped at the flowing bowl, Saturday and Sunday, were lined before Judge Dewey this morning to take their medicine as his honor should dictate, after consideration of the circumstances attending each “jag.”

Michael A. Sheehan, obviously the worst offender, got a sentence of three months in the house of correction. David Quinn, whose visits to Milford usually end disastrously, got two months in the same place. Jacob Ava paid a $6 fine, as did another Milfordian, who, however, disputed the charge that he was drunk. The fifth prisoner was placed on probation.

Officers Moore, Hogan, Dalton and Casey made the arrests. According to the patrolmen there were more than the usual number of tipsy individuals late Saturday night, and evidently many of the jags held over for there was no shortage of drunks on Main street yesterday.


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