Milford Patch's February Contest: Day 4

It's the last day of a contest that will end with the winner getting a $20 gift card.

UPDATED: We received our winning entry. Thank you for playing.

Here's our fourth—and final—installment of this month's "20 Questions," which will end today with the winner receiving a $20 gift card to a Milford establishment of his/her choice. 

Since we published the first set of questions on Tuesday, responses have been rolling in quickly. Today is when it really matters—if you've already e-mailed me with the answers to the previous 15, send me the final 5 as soon as possible. If this is your first time participating, you just have to go back and answer the previous days' questions, which are included in articles at the bottom of this story. The first person to (correctly) answer all 20 will win. 

This contest has given readers an opportunity to review some stories they may have missed earlier in the month, along with a chance to pocket some extra (gift card) cash.

We have asked five questions each on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Find the answers to the questions (hint: the blue links within the questions will lead you to the answers), and e-mail your responses to danielle.horn@patch.com.

The winner will be contacted to claim his/her prize. 

16. made 150 phone calls to Ecuadorian families after the murder this month of one of their community members in Brockton. What techniques does Gumbe say are necessary to bring together the tight-knit community?

17. Why were on Feb. 18 to check on a baby?

18. Name two of the chiropractic offices in Milford that Lisa Vasile mentioned in . 

19. DescribeMilford route on Thursdays.

20. Whose visits to Milford usually ended "disastrously," according to


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