Learning to Love the Dollar Aisles

Venture into some of the discount retailers and dollar aisles for great bargains on school supplies and children's toys.

"Frugal Family" is a weekly column that aims to find you local deals. In this economy, every dollar counts. We aim to save you a few. In addition, we welcome your own advice for finding bargains—if there are any you'd like to share, simply do so at the bottom of this article in the comment section.

This week, we focus on what you can find around town, for $1.

As a teacher, I became a fan of dollar stores and discount aisles. If I had to supply my classroom with various necessities, including what seemed like a never-ending supply of No. 2 pencils, I would do it as cheaply as possible.

I'm not teaching anymore, but on days when retail therapy is in order, I go in and see what damage can be done with a buck or two. This week, here are some of the bargains I found:

1. Deal: Pastel-colored metal pails. These are meant for children, but they work as desktop storage.

Price: $1 at

2. Deal: Packages of 10 spring-themed pencils. Who doesn't want to write with a purple pencil, covered with smiling bees?

Price: $1 at Target

3. Deal: Package of sticky notes in the shape of an Easter egg.

Price: $1 at Target

4. Deal: Garden trowel with wooden handle.

Price: $1 at Target

5. Deal: 10-pack of manilla file folders

Price: $1.10 at


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