Halloween Brings out the Ghouls of Milford

After a rough week, people in Milford pulled it together for Halloween.

Hurricane Sandy showed up this week, like an unwanted house guest, and threatened to ruin one of Milford's favorite holidays.

Many people who had decorated for Halloween had to deflate the giant spiders and take down the ghosts fluttering from porches and trees.

On Water Street and Penny Lane, where homeowners take pains each Halloween to decorate entire houses and yards, Sandy forced a doubling of the work.

But it all was worth it.

A clear night on Wednesday helped bring out the Trick-or-Treaters, and everyone got into the spirit of the night.

We took a few photos, and are sharing some photos sent to us. Share your own Halloween pictures, so everyone can see you, or your kids, in their costumes!


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