Dining Around the World in Milford

Did you know your town offers places to sample all the tastes of the world? The Saturday Patch Passport is a complete list of places to eat in your town, organized by international flavor.

Do you want to get out of the kitchen, but are bored of the same old places you always go to? Want some fresh ideas for tasty meals? Then the Patch Passport can help. We have assembled a list of local places with international flavors. Try one out and let us know what you think. Bon Appetit!


  • , 55 Medway Rd.
  • , 231 E. Main St.


  • , 67 Medway Rd.
  • , 83 E. Main St.
  • 143 Central St.


  • , 121 Depot St.
  • , 93 Water St.
  • , 206 E. Main St.


  • , 9 Medway Rd.
  • , 196 E. Main St.
  • 178 E. Main St.


  • , 112 Main St.
  • 122 E. Main St.
  • , 55 Water St.


  • , 335 Main St.
  • , 34 Main St.


Editor's Note: In a town the size of Milford, it's impossible to highlight every deserving restaurant that has a particular specialty. Please add to the comment section your own favorites, if we neglected to mention them above.


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