Are You Tired of Election Coverage?

Here are some stories that do not have anything to do with elections.

With all the coverage of today's elections, some of our coverage was pushed off the homepage quickly. We've done a roundup of a few of those in case you missed them.




4. Trial of Henry Papuga Rescheduled to November

5. Supermarket Health Inspections

Francis P. Ardito,Sr November 06, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Thank God it's over! Between many political phone calls (my left ear looks like a potato chip), mail, e-mail, TV ads (hit mute) we are super saturated. Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show, interviewed the chairman of the RNC. The comment Lauer made was the Obama people in Ohio were saying Romney said the Jeep division of Chrysler should shut down and move the plant to China. True? The Chairman said partly true. In fact, Jeep is a big seller in China. The plan is to increase production in Ohio and export more Jeeps to China. The chairman concluded by telling Lauer that "the real truth hurts".


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