A Quiet Place to Think, Walk the Dog

It may seem an odd choice, but a cemetery can be the perfect getaway when you need some quiet time.

I like cemeteries, especially old ones. I find them peaceful and beautiful. Atlanta, where I lived before moving here, had a confederate cemetery that was near my house. Here in New England, colonial cemeteries are worth exploring, if only because they surround us.

Each week, Patch offers a suggestion for a place to get away in-town. Today's pick is St. Mary's Cemetery, home to several lovely examples of Celtic Crosses, and of course, the replica of the Irish Round Tower at the center, made from native granite.

Even on a cold afternoon, several people walked their dogs along the cemetery's paved roads. It's a good place to escape to if you need a few minutes for yourself. Just be respectful, of course. Remember to pick up after the dog if you bring them for company.


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