'A Contemptible Crime'

See what the Milford Gazette said about this accused sex offender in 1890.

The following article, originally printed in the Milford Gazette on Sept. 1, 1890, details a reporter's account of a man charged with sex crimes against children, and includes the opinion that "such rascality cannot be too severely punished."


Charles Boone, a night watchman at the New York & New England station, unmarried and about 40 years of age, has been amusing himself of late through the day by enticing girls of from 6 to 10 years into his house with promises of candy and money, and taking improper liberties with them, while various rumors are afloat as to his conduct nights while on duty around the station and car house. Among other of his young victims is Maggie, 8-year old daughter of James F. Landers, and at the father’s instigation, Boone was brought before Judge Dewey, Wednesday, charged with indecent assault; he pleaded innocence, but was convicted on evidence by two little girls, and sentenced to four months’ imprisonment in Worcester jail.

It is not probable that other charges will be preferred against him and his term of imprisonment greatly lengthened. At least one case is known where conviction can be obtained, if parents will come forward and complain, as it is clearly their duty to do. Such rascality cannot be too severely punished.


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