Immigrants vs. Illegal Immigrants

A Milford man was killed by an illegal immigrant. Had the suspect been deported the first time he was arrested, the victim would still be alive today.

Immigrants don't matter to me. And I know that sounds negative. They have no effect on me, positive, negative, whatever.

Illegal immigrants, however, do. They affect every hardworking, tax-paying American citizen. And they especially affect Milford residents at this point in time.

, only 23 years old, was , dragged a quarter-mile while screaming for help, and then abandoned by the unlicensed, illegal immigrant who hit him.

Let me be graphic on this. The tire marks are still on the street. The ruts are still in the grass. As commenter "Michael" said:

My high school classmate's blood is still fresh on the streets of downtown Milford. It might as well be on the hands of Governor Patrick, Registrar Kaprielian, and Attorney General Coakley. Matthew Denice's death was entirely preventable had we only enforced our nation's laws.

This country, and especially this Commonwealth, needs to wake up and hold our elected officials responsible for their unpatriotic, unlawful, and despicable policies.

He was called a racist for this.

They are not "undocumented workers," they are illegal immigrants. Personally, I don't care if the illegal immigrant is Irish, Canadian, Martian or anything else. Get in line, get your visa, become a citizen, and live happily ever after.

Our politicians need to wake up and enforce our country's laws. They are illegal because there is a law against them.

After all, that's what "illegal" means.

And if was deported when he was first stopped for unlicensed operation, Matt Denice would still be alive today.

Facts, not opinions. If you're going to comment on this post and call me a racist, save it. If Nicolas Guaman was legal, I would not be talking about this. 

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Ray Fellows October 28, 2011 at 11:10 PM
This tragedy had NOTHING to do with immigration status. It was a drunk driver who killed that young man and ruined his families life. We have plenty of them in this country, legal and illegal. America is a country that embraces alcohol consumption whenever possible. His immigration status didnt put the liquor down his throat, his irresponsible drinking habits did. Drunk driving is rampant in America. That is where we need to focus to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. Ask your local politicians to strengthen the laws for drunk driving and make the punishment fit the crime! This was a horrible tragedy of a drunken driver killing an innocent young man!
mom who cares October 29, 2011 at 01:32 PM
Ray I think we all agree that a drunk driver "murdered" this person. However he was illegal and had there been stronger immigration enforcements in place, he would not have been able to "murder" Matt because he would have been deported prior to this horrific crime. If you know the entire chain of events...Matt would also probably be alive today because he was alive after he was hit, his death was caused because Guaman was trying to leave the scene of the crime because of his status. That is where all the frustration lies!!!
David Nolta October 29, 2011 at 03:30 PM
I agree with Ray that the problem for Matthew Denice has far more to do with the fact that the accused was drunk, and that he made terrible decisions to 1) drive drunk and 2) not to stop after hitting the victim. As far as anybody claiming to know that the killer tried to leave the scene because of his status--I don't buy that at all. His being DRUNK is much more likely to be the reason for his trying to (and believing that he could) escape--drunk driving and hitting someone being, in the eyes of most people and in the eyes of the law, much worse than being illegal. And according to the "if he hadn't been in the country" logic, one might just as easily say that if the criminal here had benefited from a general amnesty for illegals, he would not have had to flee... But the crimes that directly caused the death of Matthew Denice were DRINKING AND DRIVING AND NOT STOPPING AFTER HITTING A PERSON. And no, I am still not in favor of illegal immigration, just in case you were inferring that...
Jason Morais November 10, 2011 at 02:36 PM
I agree with Ray and David, too.
Ashley moura September 04, 2012 at 07:39 PM
has a company called Donovan services that owns several dunkin donuts and they have some in milford ,acton and clinton has many illegal and bad starting with general manager her name and Geiza (Brazilian) he does not respect anyone how to report these people .


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