Milford Town Officers Threaten With Unused Big Sticks

The Health Department has published, several times, threats to fine non-recyclers. Have they ever, in fact, fined any household?

Milford Town Officers in several departments that I have been following are using scare tactics as bluff. It is akin to the bully on the block that is really a coward. The Health Department has published, several times, threats to fine non-recyclers. Have they ever, in fact, fined any household? I seriously doubt it. They have asked me to send in addresses of non-recyclers so that a letter (fine?) would go out.  They claim that our collector is supposed to note for them a list of scofflaws. I have talked several times to the recycling driver and he tells me that he has done that but I question the validity of that source. Why would any collector who makes an extra $750 per ton from these bad citizens bite the hand that feeds it? I have asked for a list of violators who have not complied. None is forthcoming. This is an issue that seems to pervade other departments such as the Sewer Dept. and Animal Control. I will cover the Sewer Dept. in another blog as it is even more arcane than the Health Dept. Do you recycle? Do you like paying extra so that your neighbor can continue to scoff law? Isn't it time that we police ourselves and our neighbors when the law is not only broken but our Town uses taxes to support the scofflaws? We don't need to argue about the national political scene until we get our local house in order! We have plenty to talk about.

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Ray Fellows April 21, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Its 2012. Everyone knows we HAVE to recycle, there are no other options. We cant keep burying our trash. If people dont care enough about the future generations or anyone else, than the town is going to have to force them to do it. Before I ratted out my neighbor, I would have a discussion with them on why they were not recycling and see if I could help them. If they just didnt care, I would make that phone call in a heart beat!
carl berke April 22, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Thanks for your input. In my case, the preliminary events have taken place over several years. The Health Board has sent letters. However, that is as far as they go. Sort of like when they were in-charge of junk cars they never enforced that law or levied a fine. My point is that letters are not a fine. A fine is painful as in speeding fines. This Board does not have, for some reason, the urgency to solve the problem and they have a 40 year history with me of intransigence in enforcing Town by-laws, a matter brought up many times to the Selectmen. One could ask, is not enforcing certain laws a profit for this body? Since we do not seem to have a proactive select committee ( we need a town executive and open town meeting instead) what is left to do? As eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, I intend to keep my eyeballs peeled. and make noise.
Jennifer April 22, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Carl-I'm not sure if you're simply trying to sound "intelligent" or if you're simply ignorant when it comes to the use of the English language, but trying to "sift through" your replies for actual statements or facts is pretty time consuming if you simply state your ideas instead of hyping them up with "thesaurus words" (as I call them) you might garner more support. i'm still not sure how you're jumping to the fields. I personally don't have a problem with them. Did they cost money to put in? Yup. Did we have the funds to pay for it? Yup Is it supposed to be better "long term"? Yup. Is it better for the athletes to NOT play on a broken down, horrible field(s)? Yup. So lets get BACK to your actual post topic-RECYCLING. If you're so upset with how the board has been functioning for the last 40 years(!) then why haven't you run for a position on the board, and if not that position, run to be a town meeting member? The Board of Health sends letters first. This gives the "offender" time to "remedy the situation", if the situation isn't remedied or gets worse, THEN they levy a fine or fee. I know the police hand out "warnings" all the time, and you're not here railing against them for the same thing?? (and generally the people who get the "warnings" are driving recklessly with a large, potentially deadly weapon known as a vehicle). They get warned to stop doing "X", they do "X" again, they get a ticket with a fine. Why is that such a horrible system? (cont)
Jennifer April 22, 2012 at 08:50 PM
So...You're still not making sense when it comes to "If you cook, the more you can recycle."?" unless of course you are trying to say that I'm recycling more by NOT eating out? or if you're referring to the fact that i have more to "compost" and therefore LESS to throw away (in a round about way a form of recycling" I'm glad you think that diaper services are "Less Expensive" and more "neighbor friendly" but they are not(at least not here in this area, maybe closer to Boston or Providence). I would have no problem with washing crap out of diapers and re-using cloth but like a LOT of moms I simply don't have the time or resources to do it. Another thing that you don't seem to understand is that most of the "diaper services" use WAY MORE water,and power than I would washing the diapers, and the solvents they use are NOT environmentally (or baby) friendly (I'm sure somewhere you can find an "eco-friendly" service, but again, it comes down to most families can't afford forty dollars a WEEK to diaper a child(using a service) vs. the forty dollars it costs to put a baby in diapers for a MONTH.) PS.my kid doesn't get rashes either...so I guess it's not the "paper". What it comes down to is this. The Board of Health is doing a LOT to keep this town, healthy and safe. Recycling as far as I'm concerned is on the low end of the Totem Pole when it comes to priorities. Worry about code violations, contractor yards, hoarders, and overcrowded living spaces, FIRST please.
carl berke April 24, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Again, a lot of stuff. Just a few comments If you eat out instead of in, how do you know what happens to your garbage? There is no recycling required in commercial places. The only thing they do is to sell their grease and if a local pig farm is near, maybe their garbage. Just go behind the restaurant to see how much plastic, paper and container pollution it causes. Fast Food is super fast polution of the environment and of your body. There should be a nickle deposit on every disposable item that McDonalds forces on you. Do you take that home and put it into a bin? I will skip the diapers as you have classic excuses. Do you have a husband? What is he doing about this issue? You seem really mostly self absorbed in your arguments in that it is all about your limitations of time and money. If these are so pressing, perhaps you should reconsider what you are bringing into the world to begin with! As far as the excellence of the board, you harp on really unknowns like hoarders, overcrowding living spaces and contractor yards. What things are a "lot"? Those last items seem more like a laundry list of really picayune stuff. Hoarding? Is that a big issue? I have hoarders near me and you can't get into their houses. But, who cares? Who would want to? As long as the hoard stays inside and doesn't get into the eco-system, who can object? Maybe the heirs who will need several dumptsers when the hoarder dies?


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