Water Restrictions Remain Despite Recent Rain

Water conservation rules remain in place as Milford enters the summer season.

Milford had 103 inches of snow this year, followed by a wet spring. But the town remains under outdoor watering restrictions.

That seems odd to many customers of , who have called to question continued regulations.

David Condrey, manager of the privately owned water utility, says the rainfall, and snowfall, have not replenished the Echo Lake reservoir to the point that watering restrictions can be lifted.

And as Milford enters summer, evaporation will be an issue. "It's not going to take long for it to drop again," Condrey said, of the reservoir which supplies the region's water.

Recently, the Water Company reduced the level of restriction on outdoor watering. Since April 28, Milford has been under what is called Stage 2 water conservation.

According to the company website, this allows residents to water outdoors on alternate days. Homes with odd-numbered addresses can water their outdoor plants and landscaping on odd-numbered dates. People with even-numbered addresses can water on even dates.

So, for example, people with even-numbered addresses can water on Thursday, June 2.

Outdoor watering is only allowed between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., to prevent evaporation. Although there is no time restriction for how long you can water, many people tend to over-water. Grass, for example, only needs an inch of water a week, Condrey said.

The Milford Water Company encourages people to use hand-held watering devices, not automatic sprinklers, Condrey said.

Anyone who has questions about the water conservation rules can call the Milford Water Company, Condrey said, at 508-473-5110.


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