Lost Dog Seen Near Fruit Street, Owner Asks People to Call Her, Not Approach Dog

The lost dog appears to be staying in one area of town.

Pilot is wearing a red collar and has her tags. Credit: contributed.
Pilot is wearing a red collar and has her tags. Credit: contributed.
Pilot, the lost Shepherd mix, has been moving around the Fruit Street-Green Street-South Main Street area of Milford for the past day, and her owner will be walking those areas tonight, according to a resident who is providing her with temporary housing.

The dog, about a year old, is extremely skittish toward people she doesn't know. The owner asks people to call her on her cell phone directly if they spot the dog tonight. She can be reached at 978-549-5047.

While Pilot will run away if approached by a person, she will approach a friendly dog on a leash. So, people may be able to attract her with their (friendly) dogs. If she approaches, the owner asks them to keep her engaged, with their own dog or a soft tone, but to not move toward her.

The dog was seen numerous times Wednesday, but bolted when approached.

She escaped Monday afternoon from a doggie daycare center near Dilla Street. That facility's staff is helping in the search.
Not a Townie January 09, 2014 at 07:11 AM
are there any updates?
Mary MacDonald (Editor) January 09, 2014 at 08:05 AM
Not that I've heard. Fliers are available at Lucky Dogs Dog Daycare today if people want to help distribute those around the areas where she's been seen running.


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